SmartPeek - furniture quality control system

SmartPeek - JSC Elinta Robotics solution to assure quality of manufacturing


Features and abilities of our product

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The quality control of edge banding

Three high resolution video cameras are used to check each edge

Three edge surfaces are analyzed – edge band, ~1-3 cm upper/lower surface

By using two analysis nodes, both opposite edges of a board are analyzed

The identified board defects

  • Rugged band surface
  • Scratches on the band
  • Pressure mark
  • Peeled surface
  • Edge band not glued properely
  • Geometric board damages
  • Stained edge band
  • Glue residue
  • Chipping on the edges
  • Missing laminate
  • Missing edge band

The board's edge band crack/scratch quality control

  • Four matrix cameras are used for each corner of a board
  • The corners are analyzed after the edge band is placed and sized
  • Two camaras motinor the front corners of a board, two monitor the back corners

The spots are identified. By adapting the lighting system to your needs, more defects can be analyzed, such as skid marks, scratches, stains, band absence.

The measurement and control of drilled holes in the edges of the board

The linear camera is used to check the drilled holes in the edge of a board (the longer edge)

The matrix camera is used to check the drilled holes in the narrow edge of a board

Two quality control nodes are used to analyze drilled holes on the opposite side of a board

The measurement and control of drilled holes on the surface of a board

High resolution linear cameras are used to check drilled holes on the surface of a board

Both surfaces of a board are analyzed

The identified damages of drilled holes

The change of drilled hole diameter because of the worn-out drills on the drilling machine

Undrilled holes

Scrapes around drilled holes (diameter changes)

Shifted drilled holes

Board surface quality control

  • High resolution linear cameras are used
  • Focused and difused light sources are used
  • Detected defect list is constantly updated by performing research and adapting the system to the client's needs

The identified board's surface defects

  • Shiny surface
  • Spots, dots, dirty surfaces
  • Lamminate cracks/scratches
  • Skid marks
  • Lamminate overlays
  • Inclusions
  • Blisters, laminate bumps


Software developed for our unique solutions

Fast analysis

Analysis time <2 s

Rich statistics

Statistics about all items analysis

Error messages

Easy to understand error messages if problem occured


Different language available

System's ablities

  • All system controls from the control unit
  • Controlling the conveyor from the conveyor automation enclosure
  • All detected defects are visualized in the software
  • All information about faulty products is stored in the database
  • Stoping the manufacturing line after detecting a recurring defect
  • Classification of defects
  • Production efficiency information
  • Discret outputs about analysis results can be adapted by your needs


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